Sunday, September 9, 2012

My First Post

Yay! So, I'm new to this whole blogging thing.. I've thought about it for years, and now I've decided I'll finally start up a blog of my own. I struggled for a long time just deciding on WHAT to blog about. Here I am, years later, blogging about one of my favorite hobbies: WoW!
I am an the epitome of an altoholic, I have a rather large army of characters spanned across three or four servers. I have multiples of a few classes, and I have enjoyed every minute of my time spent on this game.
I love creating a new character, having a different personality and mindset on every one, even though I don't do the whole roleplay thing. I enjoy seeing the world from different points of view, and experiencing ever wonderful thing this game has to offer.
I've played for a long time; the first time I picked up this game, Burning Crusade was near over. Wrath of the Lich King was on its way in just three short months. Never having played any MMOs before, this was all overwhelming. I leveled a Draenei Hunter on Terrokar, spent months leveling her to 47, exploring the game, and taking my time. 
Soon after, I rerolled my Paladin on Fizzcrank, dubbing her 'Phyra'. I made many friends, and I was in awe, this game was amazing! It took me almost five months to get to level 80, and when I finally got there, I was ecstatic! Even my own mother, who played this game a year longer than me had never reached max level on any character in any of the expansions. It was a feat I was proud of.
Three years later, I have a vast amount of characters, Horde and Alliance alike, and I enjoy every aspect of the game. I love to PvP, and I love to raid. The game still holds a special place in my heart.

Druids are my favorite class; I have leveled three of them to 85, and I have a fourth on its way. My main is a Holy Paladin, but that was mostly due to it being my first and most progressed character; no way could I abandon all those achievement points! Now that MoP is coming, and achievements are account wide, I may just switch to a Resto Druid for my main. I absolutely adore them, and they may (or may not) be a focal point of my blog.
I love transmogging.. Though that could just be the girly side in me. I love spending hours looking up sets on the internet that match, and using MogIt to fill in the gaps. The characters I play the most have banks filled with a variety of gear, from green items to blue, to tier sets I mix and match into transmog sets.
Beyond that, I (obviously) love to level. I complain about how much I hate it the whole time I do it, but the feeling I get when I reach another level is a rush for me. I will never tire of it.. That is, until I run out of the 50 character slots on my account.

Anyways, I will wrap up this post in saying I hope to have some readers along the way as I post about my adventures, my transmogs, my hardships, and my achievement hunting!

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