Friday, September 14, 2012

A New Journey

A bit before Cata launched, I rolled a human female Warlock named Kittale. I rolled her on a new sever, on a faction I hadn't played since I first picked up WoW. I had no desire to actually get her all the way to 80, and ended up ditching her around level 30. Soon after Cata came out, I went back to her, and actually leveled her all the way to 85. I had a blast! It was so much fun taking my time and reading the quests, and playing the Alliance side of things for a change.
Sadly, soon after I reached 85, I grew tired of the Warlock class, and ended up deleting her. This was after I had brought the vast majority of my Horde characters over to Stormrage. I never once thought about her after that. I think I had a GM undelete her at one point, but she just ended up being disposed of again a mere month or so later.
Why am I telling you this? Because I have once again decided to level another Warlock. Not on Alliance, and not without heirlooms, but on my 'main' server. It took me a while to decide on a race for this Warlock. I rolled an Undead, an Orc, and at one point, a Troll. I ended up making a mental list that went something like this:

Annoying casting animations (I prefer them strictly as melee or Hunters.)
I can't stand female Orcs in dresses. Just does not look right.
I can't give them a sexy transmog because they aren't.. well, sexy in that sense.

Also have annoying casting animations. My Shadow Priest was Troll for a bit.. bleh.
That two-toed thing.. I may end up race changing my Druid in MoP because of that.
The way they walk - hate it, hate it, hate it. They just look ridiculous!
Not enough choices for hairstyles/faces/etc. I like variety, not looking like everyone else.

Don't particularly like the female's casting animations. They're different.. but meh.
Can't sexily transmog them when their bones stick out everywhere.
I'm not very fond of Undead females. I used to have a male Undead mage: love them a lot.

So then it came to Goblins vs Blood Elves. I like Goblins (my SPriest is one herself), but I didn't feel like going through their whole starting zone again.. Not to mention they're so tiny that it's hard to make a great transmog on them.
That left me with Blood Elves. After all that, I finally decided. I used to love Blood Elves, they were my favorite race Horde side. Anymore, I think the vast majority of my toons Horde side are Orcs. Never saw that one happening, but they have grown on me. I still wish I had made my second Warrior an Orc rather than a Blood Elf. More fitting..
Anyways, I am now leveling a Blood Elf Warlock named Heartsonfire. I will just be questing with maybe a few dungeons thrown in here and there, but I really want to see how long it takes me to hit 85 - eventually 90. This will be a fun journey I hope!

I also have been unable to get accustomed to the whole TukUI set up.. I think I will go back to my boring and bland Dominos set up. I can't stand having my VuhDo to the side and my Portrait/health frames down towards my action bars. Can't get used to it, sadly.

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